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multi-sensory garden
An organic and naturalistic multi-sensory garden for a children’s centre creating a journey of different experiences to encourage exploration and delight the senses.

The scent and colour of flowers and the texture and movement of grasses with areas for growing sunflowers, herbs and vegetables overseen by a friendly scare crow!

The sensation of bouncing in a hammock seat in the sunshine watching butterflies or hiding away in a den hunting for bugs in mossy log piles.

Various surfaces produce different sounds and textures including a boardwalk, a chequerboard planted with thymes, slate paddle stones, bark paths and lawns with longer grass and wild flowers.

A child friendly stainless steel bubble fountain is tactile, mesmerising and reflects the surroundings. It flows into a shallow rill where the children enjoy the thrill of running through the water in bare feet. This garden has it all and more!